ClubLink Takes One Billion Dollar Divot in Glen Abbey

3222 Residential Units on the Glen Abbey Golf Course

3222 Residential Units on the Glen Abbey Golf Course


The proposed re-development of the existing Glen Abbey Golf Course will have a estimated value at build-out of ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

The plan includes 3222 Residential Units broken down to the following:

141 Single Detached; 299 Town’s and 2782 Apartment Units along with 121,000 SF of office and retail space. Just over half of the development or 124 acres will be green space, the majority coming from the 16 Mile Creek Ravine which cannot be developed.

A recently released website has the proposed site plans and every other detail you can imagine down to an analysis of tree heights in the area.  I took a quick look through the plans, highlighted are 6 “BIG IDEAS” for the development.  Before diving into these details I’ve taken a quote from Inside Halton’s article covering this story. You can read the full article here.

“We want to have an open and transparent conversation about this with the people of Oakville,” states ClubLink President and CEO Rai Sahi in a media release.

“We strongly believe the significant public green space we will permanently dedicate to Oakville residents is a plan worth talking about,” said Sahi.

Very interesting spin from the Clublink President and CEO to highlight the benefits of the existing green space to local residents. This coincides with their proposed 6 Big Ideas which can be found front and centre in their documents before you even consider the actual building proposals.

  1. Greenway Park – Coined as an “Interpretive Landscape” OK sounds amazing
  2. Valley’s Edge Open Space – A park bench looking over the former golf course
  3. Great Belvedere – Another spot or two where you can imagine where the course was in the past
  4. Village Market – Hey let’s have a Farmer’s Market…done
  5. Social Hub and Central Park – This is the local cafeteria which may or may not include a portion of the existing club house and the 18th green.
  6. Oakville’s Valley Open Space – 78 Acres in the valley of the 16 mile creek will be given back to the town. Very generous of Club Link to give something back to the town which is useless to them and they don’t want to maintain under any circumstances.

Local Impact

My issue with the redevelopment of the Glen Abbey Golf Course lies in the impact to local residents as I live in the area.  The proposed plan has chart after chart of traffic impact studies that take into account current and future traffic patterns.  I don’t need a study to tell me that there’s already a traffic issue along Dorval Drive which continues along Upper Middle Road E and over to the Neyagawa intersection. The plan proposes only minor changes until Upper Middle Road becomes a 6 Lane Road in 2027. Until then, one additional traffic light along Dorval; a right turn lane at the North Service Road heading North on Dorval; and a second left turn lane at Neyagawa and Upper Middle is their proposed solution.

Glen Abbey

Remember this… the current Glen Abbey area has just over 5000 residential units which spans an area from Droval Drive to Bronte Road between the QEW and Upper Middle Road. This proposal will place 3222 residential units, mostly high density along with significant office/retail space onto one relatively small  piece of land.  With the continued growth north of Dundas this is a recipe for gridlock. Access to the QEW and the Go Train is already under serious strain along all access points through Oakville.  Don’t even get me started about Trafalgar Road at the QEW!

The Town of Oakville recently extended the “Development Ban” for the lands in question but can this really stop this monster of a corporation? NO

Don’t tell me that Club Link is in the golf business… Simply a front for their real estate empire and in the not so distant future the Rattlesnake Golf Course in Milton will be the next target.


  1. Leave the course alone.  It’s not just another Golf course…Home to the Canadian Open and Jack’s first design. Not my favourite course but there’s significant history and heritage that shouldn’t be underestimated.
  2. Plunking 3222 people in this small space will be a nightmare for local residents. This development will bog down and already strained transit system through Glen Abbey and place even more traffic on Nottinghill Gate and other smaller roads.
  3. Dear Rai Sahi, CEO & President of Clublink… Don’t insult my intelligence or my fellow Oakville residents into thinking that this green space, valley, interpretive landscape; or whatever the hell you want to call it is something that you and your corporation are dedicating to me or to Oakville in general. This is about money…PERIOD.
  4. Let’s go a step further on point #3. If you really want to make a plan worth talking about for residents how about you sell the course at market value as a golf course to someone who really appreciates the history and the course… Oh, not interested?
  5. Along a similar tone with local residents, what do you propose as compensation for those people in Fairway Hills who currently reside alongside your course? I’d love to hear what Mr Sahi has to say on this matter.
  6. I only had 5 REALLY REALLY BIG IDEAS but my ideas were so BIG that I only needed the 5 anyways. Maybe you have a 6th REALLY REALLY BIG IDEA…?

marshall out