The Kerr Street Mission

Kerr Street Mission

The Kerr Street Mission in Oakville is a special place. I’ve neglected my Blog posting for the last month or so but this is my most important post to-date. Recently I was asked if I wanted to donate some time and money to a special cause. As a family we often donate to some of our local charities, not enough…

We are Fortunate

Things have changed so much in the past 10 years or so. People are busy; distracted might be a better word for our current time. I’m very fortunate; my family is fortunate that we live in a country like Canada and a town like Oakville. This is something that we all can take for granted. Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons we have people that fall through the cracks in our society so-to-speak.

My small involvement with a group of my colleagues at Re/Max Aboutowne in Oakville has really opened my eyes and shifted my perspective. Melanie Ryan and Natasha Eddie spearheaded our group to provide a full Christmas meal at the Kerr Street Mission. We did it all from start to finish as a team.

ReMax Aboutowne Group

Support a Good Cause

I think that I can speak for our group in saying that this was a special night for all of the volunteers. We worked well together as a group and we had a lot of fun for a good cause. I spent most of the time in the kitchen preparing sections of the meal and cleaning up. I didn’t really have a chance to see all of the people that we served that night.

What really struck home were the several people that snuck into the kitchen and thanked our group for the meal. Even though we live in one of the most affluent areas in Canada there are good people that need help.

If you can find a few extra dollars or some spare time to help out, the Kerr Street Mission is an excellent facility/organization that helps our local people in need. I should also mention the numerous daily/weekly volunteers that do so much to help. These people are special.

When I returned home my 4 and 6-year-old kids asked me why I was late getting home from work. I spent a few minutes explaining to them that there are people that struggle finding food to eat or having a place to sleep. This is something that we have never discussed.

Not anymore…

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