Perfect House

Find me the Perfect House.

This is a statement I hear quite often from clients. I usually brush it off as an idealistic notion that you can actually find a “perfect house” but I guess such an endeavor is possible. I haven’t found the perfect house myself so how the hell am I suppose to find such a thing for someone else?

How do you define perfection when it comes to a place to live? An easy way to start is to tackle those must have features like bedrooms and bathrooms. Take it further and add a plethora of other options and features that exist in every home, let the confusion begin. What’s important to you? Do you really know what you want in a house?

The funny part about selling real estate is that most buyers have a very basic idea of what they want in a place to live, however, those same people really don’t know what they want. Countless times I’ve found that property that hits all the check marks for my client… then nothing, like Jesse trying to pull the trigger with a gun pressed up against Walter White’s head in Breaking Bad. I had to drop that BB reference because its such a great show and that scene is a classic example of someone knowing that they should go forward but they just can’t do it.

Real estate is about emotion and feeling just as much as it is about dollars and cents. You have to educate yourself as a buyer and explore the options in your market. Ya no kidding… Ask yourself some of the questions I’ve posted here and really find out what you want.

My perfect house is being built right now in my brain… ya you got me, its a really small house. I’ve been constructing it over the past few years logging pictures of different rooms or designs that appeal to me in some of the houses I see. One day I will find it or build it but in the time being I will go to no end to find that perfect house for my buyers…or pretty damn close.

marshall out is written by David Marshall, providing insights and helpful tips for Buyers and Sellers. David has been selling Real Estate in the Oakville and surrounding areas for over 13 years, working as a Sales Representative for RE/MAX Aboutowne Realty Corp. David also operates among other domains.

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