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They can be easy to find on mls.ca or should I say realtor.ca? Simply type in your criteria and voila. Often you find the same listing more than once and sometimes you find 3 copies of the listing… strange. I have many clients that browse the MLS.ca site and I have others set-up to receive my direct data feed through my Realtor MLS system.

When I visit with one of my clients getting ready to sell I sit down and I have to explain our MLS system and the current conditions… NOT the market conditions. Although the market is always a discussion I have to explain why as a seller you have to fill out multiple forms for different boards which results in multiple postings on realtor.ca. Needless to say in our age of technology we have more paperwork today than ever before. On a similar note, with one of my buyer clients I have to search up to 3 real estate boards just to keep pace with the full market.

Why multiple boards you ask? It’s all about exposure and on a lesser note, real estate boards who won’t play nice. The Toronto Real Estate Board TREB is a juggernaut in the real estate world. In the Halton Region we have The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board. A little to the west we have the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington RAHB. In the coming months OMDREB and RAHB will be joining forces as one board to fight against the mighty TREB. I can only imagine the acronym that the board of directors is toying with over countless board meetings. I’m hoping that it will be something simple and ferocious that will scare the bejesus out of TREB.

Everyone used to get-along and share data back and forth between the different boards but something went astray a few years back. Who’s to blame? I don’t really know but I’ve been told that it was TREB who ended the engagement…who really cares now? Here’s the big problem.

If you list your house and your Realtor shows up with one set of forms…RED FLAG! Any professional Realtor out there working the Halton Region & GTA should know enough to list on multiple boards. As Realtor’s and a listing agent, we have to do what is best for our seller and that means maximum exposure. I just found a listing in my area that was listed on TREB 5 days ago and it showed up today as a new listing on the OMDREB system…no pictures of course. The sad part is that owner likely hasn’t the faintest idea that his/her property isn’t being marketed to a sufficient standard. Considering a discount Broker with MLS exposure? Which board will they choose to list your property or will they just say MLS?

No property can be effectively marketed in the Halton Region with exposure to a single Real Estate Board under the current conditions…plain and simple.

Any Realtor working the Milton area should know that the TREB system is taking over and OMDREB is becoming less significant as time passes. These are little quirks in the market that are frustrating to Realtors and often costly to the consumer in the end. We have a broken system in an era where the Canadian Real Estate Association CREA is striving for clarity to the public.

In my opinion the multiple board system is ridiculous and embarrassing to be blunt. I’m partial to the OMDREB platform for ease of use etc and I find the TREB system awkward to use at times BUT give me one platform or at very least a data-share system. I don’t know what has to happen to make this a reality but maybe someone at OMDREB could send TREB some flowers to break the ice?

marshall out.