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I really like Glen Abbey. I get a little uncomfortable driving around some of the newer areas in Oakville. Personally, I find it a little congested for my taste but other people just love their newer neighbourhoods. We have some beautiful places to live in Oakville. Glen Abbey is one of my favorite areas for several reasons and I’m also a resident in the area, there’s my bias. When construction began in Glen Abbey some 25 years ago it raised a lot of eyebrows. At the time there existed a stigma about living north of the QEW…how unimaginable. As things developed and time passed I think we can now look back and recognize the thoughtful urban planing that took place. With an emphasis on environmental sensitivity, Glen Abbey was well ahead of its time. It’s difficult to find newer developments that take nature into account when adding a significant number of homes to the landscape.

As land prices have increased we’ve seen a movement to smaller lots and not necessarily smaller homes to accommodate those said lots. My tastes turn me away from slammed in houses, tight areas with little or no trees at all. What we’re developing today can be quite depressing to those who like outdoor space, however the inside of newer homes can be quite appealing. The modern family is a busy endeavor on the best of days and I acknowledge the appeal of a newer home, not having to worry about big ticket items like windows and roofs needing replacement. Some people like to enjoy their home indoors and if they feel the need to get out they can enjoy one of many parks or trails all over the Oakville area.

If you take a drive around Glen Abbey or better yet walk or ride your bike through the Glen Abbey Trail System┬áthat meanders through the neighbourhood. A lot of thought went into the urban planning and the preservation of large wood lots and streams. Glen Abbey has two big circle streets, Pilgrim’s Way and Heritage Way. These streets can be quite busy at times but they facilitate the traffic into smaller, secluded streets. One negative aspect that emerged from the growth of Glen Abbey is the thought that bigger was better in terms of square footage. Some of the designs offer 3800 SF+ and those houses can be hard to sell in today’s market. Once you cross the threshold of 3000 SF there’s a diminishing return on square footage.

Sales in the Glen Abbey area have been very strong over the past few years. The area is appealing to young families with schools that are ranked by The Fraser Institute as some of the best in the Province. The parks and trail systems are top notch quality. The Glen Abbey Community Centre has a great facility offering gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, squash, a workout area, library and several other family programs and events.

What is your favorite neighbourhood in Oakville and why?

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