Chartwell Road & 8th Line – QEW Interchange Please!

Gridlock in Oakville along Trafalgar Road

Gridlock in Oakville along Trafalgar Road

Chartwell Road Residents are you listening? C’mon why not? The Trafalgar Road interchange is alway busy and at traffic times,¬†even worse. Something needs to be done and plans from the Town of Oakville suggest a widening of Trafalgar Raod from the QEW to the 407. That’s a safe option for everyone involved but why not look at another valid optoin. Building a new interchange from the QEW heading north along 8th line and south along Chartwell Road.¬† The north section could be widened from the QEW to Upper Middle Road with lane additions both east and west along Upper Middle Road. The South section could dead-end at Cornwall Road which would cause some traffic disturbance in the area but an uprgarded Cornwall Road connection to Speers Road would lessen the road block at Trafalgar and the QEW.

I would expect that the safe option of widening Trafalgar Road will reign as the victor, if there’s even a debate to be had in this scenario. I can’t see it working long-term and by the time construction is complete, it just might not be enough to handle even more traffic. We’re fortunate in Oakville to have completed two major bridge projects across the sixteen mile creek and the twelve mile creek. These major projects have lessened the traffic gridlock along the QEW through Oakville. The merge of the QEW and the 403 highways was always, and can still be a recipe for congestion. Like most things however, the traffic issues have been moved down the line to our friends in Burlington.

The previous congestion in Oakville along the QEW has moved West, usually rearing its ugly head at Appleby Line. Now Burlington has a mess with the major issue being the split of the QEW and 403 at Brant Street. Ahhhh, it never ends with traffic and gridlock. I’m fortunate, not having to commute on a regular basis and I can only imagine the complaints about the 401 through the airport section.

I’m going back onto the Town of Oakville website to dig a little deeper into this Trafalgar Road widening project. I may have to take to the streets with my plan…maybe Trafalgar Road at 5:00 pm would be a good time to talk to end-users? They’ll be basically trapped and forced to listen. Maybe I should knock on a few doors along Chartwell Road for some feedback from owners. Ummm, that might not be too good for business.

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